A Good Foundation: Session 3

I finished my good foundation still life tonight with this third session. I was surprised that I finished it tonight I was expecting it to take much longer, maybe one more session but I guess the way I was working was faster than I thought.

A Good Foundation: Session 3
A Good Foundation: Session 3

I could have spent another session on this painting, refining each object into something closer the subject but I wanted the painting to not look very labored and the brush work to stand out. Unfortunately I think it still looks a bit labored I still don’t have the confidence to lay most strokes down once and leave them. There is a whole other level of art in the subtle abstraction of forms.

A Good Foundation: Session 3, setup

A Good Foundation: Session 3, Post Inspiration

Richard Schmid still life
Richard Schmid Still life

It’s fitting to show Richard Schmid as an inspiration for this post. He has the ability to make oil painting look effortless. There are a whole new generation of artists attempting to paint like Schmid and I can see why, I would love to have his skill, all I need is time.

Richard Schmid Still life detail

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