A Good Balance

I’m experimenting with a new daily routine to lower my anxiety of trying to get so much done throughout the day. I expect it to take several days to dial it in and find a good balance.

I’m finding the change super difficult because I really need to give up some things that not only help me as an artist but I’m super interested in. Unfortunately there just isn’t enough time in the day. Fortunately, I have much more important items that I need to pay attention to each day. Such as time with the family and less anxiety.

For today I was able to complete my warmup, some drawings from Figure Drawing for Artists, gestures from The Natural Way to Draw and some work on Indiana Jones for Fandom Fitness.

What I missed out on today was my daily composition, daily sketch, web work and writing on my next Artist Perspective.

The biggest positive for today is that I didn’t feel rushed for most of the day. I’m sure I can dial this in and find a good balance so I can get some good time in on what’s most important and micro win the rest.

Indiana Jones Drawing

Indiana Jones drawing

I worked on the rock ledge that Indiana is pressed up against for a bit today. The key here is to get the value and texture correct while keeping the rock and benign as possible to not detract away from Indiana.

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The gestures were hit and miss today. I’m influenced by two books right now. The Natural Way to Draw which treats gestures with more focus on feeling and motive and Steve Huston’s book which focuses on a stylized approach that adds in structure.

I hypothesize that I’m wanting to do a bit of both methods in these drawings and I’m losing the flow that I’ve had before. It’s hard to do something brand new in about a minute.

Figure Drawing Exercises and Warm-up

Steve Huston exercies and warmup

I’m at a point in the book where Steve is going over simplifying the structure of the head and I’m copying his drawings from that section. His drawings are much better.

What went well?

Not a lot of anxiety throughout the day.

What needs work?

Need to keep experimenting with my daily protocol and find a good balance.

What did I learn?

Reading two approaches to one idea can effect my performance in that area. I’m trying to use two techniques at once.

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