A Full Day

With researching Harry Potter images, taking our cat to the vet, trying watercolors for the first time, doing some gestures and holding down my day job, it has been a full day.

A full day, but a good day.

Daily Composition

I really love this painting. We had to take our Kiddie to the vet today and I got a glimpse of him in the car before Pattie drove him off. It’s especially upsetting for kiddie and I really wanted to capture it.

Daily Composition

I’m really surprised that I was able to capture so much from just a glance.


My super awesome friend Brett sent me some watercolors!

I can’t thank him enough. Now I will be able to not only complete the Nicolaides exercise as its described in the book but I will also be able to learn a lot about watercolors which I think I’ve tried maybe once or twice.

Modeled Figure in Watercolor

Not the best start with watercolor. I was using an old brush and I was pulling more hair out of the brush and off of the paper than I was putting paint down I think.

I’ll keep working at it and make Brett proud.. some day. 🙂

Watercolor modeled painting

Today’s Gestures

This has become a wonderful habit. I’m really enjoying my gestures daily. Today I kept repeating in my head when I would flip to the next image. “What is the motive?”. And this is what I was trying to do. Define a motive, and idea, an impulse or something before starting the gesture. It’s not about copying for me anymore. Now I want to express through this medium.

Harry Potter Research

The next Fandom Fitness character I will be working on is Harry Potter. My wife and I have loved J.K Rowling’s books for years now. Honestly they may be the best books I’ve ever read, or at least the only fantasy series that has brought me deep emotion in my adult life.

Because of my attachment to the books I wanted to do this drawing right. I want to communicate more than just some action hero style of a drawing. Hopefully I can impart some common humanity through a drawing of the boy who lived.

No drawing to show for it today. Sadly my research has expended most of my art time. Hopefully tomorrow the motive will present itself and I can begin the drawing.

What went well?

A full day of art, family and living.

What didn’t go so well?

As always, there is not enough time in the day.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

Learning a lot about watercolor.

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