A Complete Art Morning

I’m excited to say that I had a complete art morning and was able to move through the drawings with calm determination.

I briefly toyed with the idea of starting on the Indiana Jones drawing first today. But, I wanted to work on the other exercises as a warm-up for the more important performance.

My art morning became even more complete when I was able to finish the Indiana Jones drawing. And I really like how it turned out. I may change how the rock ledge intersects his hat in the future though. It seems a bit too abrupt and doesn’t match with the flow of his arm, plus It would be nice to lower it and make his head even more prominent.

Perhaps I will change it in Photoshop…

Indian Jones in charcoal
Indian Jones in charcoal edit

Yes, I like the edited version better. I’ll have to make the change on paper which will look better. Unfortunately with this charcoal I’m going to have to erase like crazy then sand the paper a bit.

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Daily Composition and Daily Sketch

I missed this yesterday due to lack of time but I made sure that I got it in today.

The daily sketch is of my cat lying on my chair. I drew him first and I’m glad I did. When drawing animals you have to be quick as they will move around all the time so I started drawing him several times.

This really helped me to loosen up and prepare for the daily composition which is of a woman sitting on a towel reading at the park. I was able to sketch this out fairly quickly without a lot of worry. Thanks to sketching my cat first I was loose enough to do that.

daily composition and sketch

Warm-up and Head Contour

My warm-up is becoming a habit. Today when I was doing it I was thinking of Kobe Bryant. I don’t watch sports but his death was a tragedy. But, my thoughts were not on his death but on his life and how he would consistently practice the fundamentals all the time. His dedication to the fundamentals of his craft is what made him such a great athlete.

I feel that my daily warm-up and sketches are my dedication to my fundamentals and craft.

What went well?

A complete art morning full of all my exercises that I’ve committed to and a finished Fandom Fitness Drawing.

What needs work?

Planning my week days so that I can have complete art days then also.

What did I learn?

Sand paper is surprisingly helpful to remove charcoal from paper that has dug itself deep into the interstices of the paper.

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