Eggo Waffle Boxes and Daily Composition

I have two new challenges today. The first is drawing printed text on Eggo waffle boxes and the other is daily composition drawings from memory.

Princess Bride Composition

I’ve chosen a Princess Bride composition for the drawing and it only took a couple more thumbnails to get there.

Tyrannosaurus Drawing Composition Work

Today was the first day of work on the Tyrannosaurus drawing but I’m not convinced the composition will communicate action, movement and depth.

Another Day of Daily Art

Another day of daily art practice. Some days have huge revelations or jumps forward but most are the same diligent and persistent effort.

Daily Art Versus Jet Lag

Wow jet lag is terrible. Currently it is the next day after I painted this still life and I have only had about 3 hours…

The Importance of Texture in Drawing

For today’s post I want to talk about texture and why it’s important in drawing and why I find it very important for my drawing…

I Finished The Satsuma Painting

I was able to end up with a very productive art day today despite all the errands I had to run. Plus I finished the…

Snowing in the Mountains

I put an art marathon day on hold today so we could do a hike together and take photos. But we didn’t know it would…

Another Productive Day

I’m little pressed for time on today’s post so I’m going to keep it short and just chat about another productive day.

An Abundance of Energy

I have an abundance of energy today due to some amazing sleep efficiency so I poured all that energy into creative work, loving every minute…

The Importance of Gestures

Today I got a ton of work done but not much of it was on drawing or painting but I do have something to say…

The Art Marathon Has Begun

I’m off work all next week so I’ve decided to have an art marathon where I try and get in as much art making and…

More Time at Work

Because I’m going to be off work all next week then in surgery the week after that I had to spend more time at work…

Mr Rogers Drawing Started

Today was one of those days where I didn’t have near as much time as I wanted to work on art but I did get…

More Still Life Oil Painting Work

I’ve had a wonderful morning of art before I started my “real job” where I added in more still life oil painting work.

Power Loss

My art session today was cut short due to power loss. We live next to a bay not too far from the Pacific ocean so…

Forgotten Nuances in Oil Painting

After a couple hours of painting today I realized that I’ve forgotten all kinds of nuances in oil painting. Luckily the intricacies of working oil…

My First Oil Painting in Months

Even though my sleep wasn’t the greatest last night I woke up with a ton of energy and was able to begin a new oil…

Feeling Motivated Again

I’m feeling motivated again so I started up the daily work with Nicolaides, the daily composition and the daily sketches again.

Fashion Magazine Hair

The list of fixes I created yesterday was super helpful in bringing this drawing around. Although, at this point he has a fashion magazine hair…

Jon Snow Drawing

I started the Jon Snow drawing today and this time I began with a structural method straight out of Russia.

An Easy Art Day

Today was an easy art day by just doing some practice and a bit of research on the next Fandom Fitness drawing.