Life Drawing Monochrome Start

The life drawing group had a wonderful time at Ann’s home which was quite beautiful and provided many opportunities for the model in a real…

Monochrome Start #31

Today was a short session of just one hour working on a monochrome start.

Monochrome Start #30

I’m going to have to try this monochrome start again, maybe.

Monochrome Start #29

I moved very slowly through this monochrome start and still I find issues with my drawing.

Monochrome Start #27

I’m one quarter of the way done with my monochrome start series. Only 75 more to go.

Monochrome Start #25

Before I was able to begin this monochrome start I needed to spend some time preparing more paper.

Monochrome Start #24

I’m very pleased with this monochrome painting, I didn’t wipe it out.

Monochrome Start #23

Another monochrome start that seemed to come together with ease.

Monochrome Start #21

Today was very fun yet busy, so I only had time for a half hour of drawing at the end of the day.

Monochrome Start #20

After 20 monochrome starts I still struggle with the drawing.

Monochrome Start #19

A lack of focus and time really effects any art I do. Today the heat and other tasks conspired against me.

Monochrome Start #18

This drawing went well but the outcome seems a bit clunky to me.

Monochrome Start #17

It seems that I’m getting faster at these monochrome starts.

Monochrome Start #15

Drawing in oil again, but with a different video series and a slight change in my paints.

Monochrome Start #14

I’m retrying the previous image and spending more time on it. This painting turned out a bit better.

Monochrome Start #13

Today was a short session and I have some good excuses but honestly I could have done another hour later in the day.

Monochrome Start #12

I was thinking that a monochrome portrait would take less time to complete than a full figure, but I was wrong.

Monochrome Start #11

The drawing of this monochrome start went really quick. I may have picked an easy pose.

Monochrome Start #10

My tenth monochrome start and I’m starting to get a feel for doing these, although I still need to simplify further.

Monochrome Start #8

Although the drawing is not spot and it goes off the canvas I’m happy with this monochrome start.