4169: Never Good Enough Day 7

The core of my discipline is showing up daily and doing something consistently for a very long period of time. I’ve passed one decade of showing up every single day and getting something done, but still even after all these years there are days when I don’t do my best . But that’s OK. I remind myself that the most important part is showing up and doing something no matter how small.

The first thing I did for my artwork time today was create four new Photoshop files for new paintings that I want to start. After that, I worked for over an hour on my latest painting in the hopes that I would get it finished today, but it’s gonna need at least one more day of work. What I didn’t accomplish was drawing for the day. Regardless of what I didn’t do, I still spent three hours on artwork today and I’m very happy with that. Tomorrow I will see if I can do better.

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