4168: Never Good Enough Day 6

An accomplished day. I spent two hours on the single hue challenge painting and called it finished, two hours on drawing, and a bit over an hour on the newest figure painting. I didn’t spend any time today on business stuff because it wasn’t of the highest priority. What is the highest priority right now is for me to get as many paintings done as possible. 

The bigger goals for my future are all about my artwork. Sharing it, selling it, talking about it, teaching and helping others. But in order for all of that to happen, I have to have a large body of work.

Now you could look at my website and all the paintings that I have up there which are a few hundred paintings and say that I do have a large body of work, but unfortunately I don’t have enough paintings that are consistent. I spent a year or more reinventing who I am as an artist and after finding that answer what came out of it is a need for lots of figure paintings. This is my focus.

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