4165: Never Good Enough Day 3

I am pretty much convinced that I will be switching from oil paint to acrylic. I’ve never been very interested in blending paint into very smooth gradations of color. Instead I like to paint in choppy strokes and transparent layers. Oil paint lends itself well to really soft and smoky edges or textures, acrylic lends itself better to the way I’m painting right now. 

It’s important to note what I say right now because I understand that the future may hold something completely different so it’s good that I have skill to paint in oil or acrylic and to create paintings that I enjoy, regardless of the medium. 

To be beholden to only one medium is to have a creative crutch.

Acrylic is allowing me to put on multiple layers of textured and color within minutes rather than days. I was able to sit in my chair in front of the easel today for two hours on this painting and complete 3 to 5 layers in certain sections of a painting and achieve something tremendously faster than I could in oil. Through this I’m able to be more expressive, more free, able to stay in the moment longer, and to be able to express myself fully, and instantly one moment after the other without large pauses in between layers. Without these days of waiting for the paint to dry I remove the space to second-guess myself or to worry if it’s going to work. Instead I can throw down paint quickly and within minutes understand the result, correct if I need to, paint over if I need to, and continue on. And if all this wasn’t good enough, I still have the last option of adding oil over the top. Oil paint is not something that I’m giving up forever, instead I’m expanding my tool set. I’m broadening my ability to express myself. I’m not giving up anything. I’m expanding.

The one definition I can give myself is that I’m an artist, and even that at some point I may drop, but from now on, I will never adjust be, an oil painter, or an acrylic painter. I will be an artist that uses anything in my means to communicate what I want to communicate.

Throughout my entire life, I’ve been learning that the boundaries that I’ve set for myself are in fact, limitations. When I begin to bring these boundaries down and I begin to experiment is when I learn and grow the most. I used to be stuck in my ways with not only art, but with self- development and even opinions. But now I see the tremendous value in experimenting, in questioning, and trying something new and different. With this experimentation and questioning I can  expand not only my repertoire as an artist, but my mind and my physical prowess.

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