4161: Single Hue Challenge Day 6

I spent a lot of time today while painting thinking about how I spend my time and how to best spend my time. Thinking about what I should cut out or replace with something that could be of higher leverage. 

One conclusion that I’ve come up with is that I do not have enough time throughout the week to spend on business tasks that can really further my art career. Things like marketing and social media campaigns. Also things like putting paintings up on my website, getting them ready to be sold, essential things like this that actually share my work and get it out there so that I can actually make a living from it.

I’m getting my art time in order and really maximizing that time but I’m also seeing that the other side of this art career needs to come up and match it as well. 

There is a really good chance that I will trade displaying my work at the Zoo fence for spending most of the day getting my work to galleries, social media, my website, local shows, international shows, doing newsletters and videos about things that I want to share. 

I may disappoint people but I feel that the best way to NOT have the life you want is to do what everyone else is doing.

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