4159: A Change in the Tide

The multitude of tasks that I had to complete today before I even was able to begin my art was frustrating. Lately I’ve been really wanting to spend as much time as possible per day on painting and drawing and my goal is to get up to four or six hours of art in total every single day , but that’s not something I think I can do every single day consistently. It’s turning out that I can get a few of those days in but inevitably other things come up.

What’s nice about this is that it is a break from constant art creation and that I think can help to prevent this feeling of burnout or overexertion with my artwork mainly, I want to avoid those days of not feeling like doing art because I’ve done it so much but at the same time I wanna find those limits. It’s an odd dichotomy.

The painting I completed today was all in acrylic! I’m very happy with the painting and how acrylic works. I’m seriously thinking about switching.

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