4157: The Time to Contemplate

The current big painting I’m working on is giving me some challenges which is awesome because it’s forcing me to think differently about how I do art. Specifically, I’m questioning the constant use of oil paints. I want to try some acrylic paints to see if I can produce  paintings that look just as good but don’t have all the complexity of oil paint plus the drying time and the smell. I’m hoping that I can enjoy using acrylic and and still paint the same way, but do it faster and maybe easier.

I took the first step in that direction today by buying some acrylic paints, just basic colors. But I didn’t buy the cheapest out there. I wanted to get an understanding of how the paint would work With a strong pigment load. I have worked in acrylic before but I always bought super cheap paints and they were completely weak and liquidy and I did not like it so I’m going real on this. I didn’t spend a ton of money, but I’m giving it a real shot and I even got some mediums to try out as well.

A person that thinks they know everything can’t learn anything. I don’t constantly question everything I do, but I do explore if some of the bigger decisions in my life are leading to limitations and if the effort is minimal for a tremendous payoff, I’ll take it any day.  If I just spend $60 on acrylic paint and do five or six trial paintings then later figure out that I can paint a lot faster and easier for the rest of my life. It would be well worth it. Besides, if I do a painting in acrylic and I don’t like it, I can always go over it with oil and improve upon it. It feels like there’s a lot of flexibility here and this will be money well spent.

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