4156: Single Hue Challenge Day 4

Most people worry about burnout before they even get there. I do the same shit. Before I even work hard I say to myself be careful not to burn out, but the truth is, I’ve never even found that level of hard work. I need to put in the work in order to actually get to burn out. Not only that, you have to question what you’re feeling. Many times I’ve called it burnout when I’ve only been lazy or unmotivated. like I worked so freaking hard that I burned myself out, when in reality I didn’t put in the work. I was just feeling lazy.

Today, I am not leaving anything on the table and I’ll do the same tomorrow. I’m going to try as hard as I can to work my ass to the bone and find this burnout to define what it means to actually burnout. Then when I find that level, I will draw the line in the sand, I’ll know how far I can go and where I need to eventually surpass.

Today I put in two hours of painting on a new painting and may have finished it. Then I put in two hours on drawing training. Then I put in two hours of exercise. Then I did two hours on the single hue painting, then 1 hour on business tasks. I’m trying to find my burnout point, but I’m sure it will not come on one single day. I’ll need to put in multiple days with the same time frame.

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