4153: Drawing Training

I met an amazing person on the fence today. His name is Jim Yellowhawk. He has art in a museum and he is part of the Lakota tribe in the Dakotas. 

His art is in the Smithsonian in Washington. He could easily be a hero of mine.

Later in the day, after showing at the fence, I had a bit of a revelation. Because I’ve changed my art that I do from landscapes to figures. I haven’t been getting a lot of sales. But what I realized is that the sales that I have garnered after changing to figurative work that I love what I put my heart and soul into, and what I build narrative and story into I realize that the quality of connection between the painting and the person buying it is much greater. Not only that, the connection that I feel with the people that are buying my work is greater. I may not be making as much money as I was before with the landscapes, but I am meeting people that are closer to me in ways I never thought possible and I’m touching people emotionally and to me that is extremely important more important than the extra money. 

Why do I think so? 

Because the most powerful thing that you can have when creating a business of your own is connections and your relationships with others. These are the connections, these heartfelt connections that get people to talk more about your work, to talk to others about your work to reminisce and see it as more than just a commodity, but something that they would cherish the rest of their lives.

In a world where over consumption is the norm and buying and discarding is so pervasive. Making a stronger, longer lasting connection between your art and the buyer is extraordinary.

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