4152: Single Hue Challenge Day 2

Transparent orange, cadmium orange, and transparent earth orange. You would think that these are all similar oranges in some way when adding black and white to them, this is called tinting, with white, and shading with black. But what is surprising to me at least is the cadmium orange produced, in my opinion I’m a very, ugly color. Transparent earth orange was similar, although a little bit more pleasing. It was closer to earth tones which makes sense considering it’s in the name. But when adding white or black to orange, it was this sick combination of orangy red blah. But the transparent orange was completely different. Mixing that with white and black produced some very pleasing colors and this is what you’ll see on my painting so far. At first, I was thinking that this was similar to Burnt Umber but when adding white or black to Burnt umber it goes to gray really quickly but transparent orange, if you get the mixture right, it produces a wonderful, dark earth and light earthy tone. 

This is all part of the current challenge that I’m working on with my Sunday creators group. Which is to paint an entire painting with just one hue. Obviously I picked oranges but then when I looked down at my pile of paints, I thought, I have three, which one should I use?

So through experimentation and bringing in a lot of subjectivity, I settled on transparent orange. Not only for its ability to produce a wide range like all the other oranges but for the pleasantness of the color itself. 

I’ll have to continue experimenting with all the similar colors I have. Like the five different blues…. That’s going to be fun.

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