4149: Empowered Day 28

This painting may be done. I think I’ll have to sit with it for a few days. Let the layers that I put on it dry and then see how I feel about it and determine if I need to do more. 

The question of is it Dunn is never easily answered. They’re always needs to be some kind of deliberation and thought behind it and one of the best things that I found is that getting away from the pain for a while and letting it sit where you can’t see it and then coming back to it with fresh eyes will really help you determine its status.

To be honest, I could continually work on this painting for another month and constantly add detail and new ones, but you have to look at diminishing returns. There’s a point within the painting where more detail past that point or more nuance isn’t going to change the overall message or response from the public. So in that instance, it’s best to just say it’s done and move onto the next project.

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