4145: Empowered Day 25

The reason that you are not where you want to be is because you haven’t put in the hard work.

As I listen to multiple podcasts and read multiple books about success and successful people about the mindset of successful people and the mindset of individuals that accomplished amazing things in their life, as I take all this information, the most repeated aspects of all of this is that if you want anything in your life you have to put in the effort. You need to have the drive the inspiration the love the whatever you want to call it so you get up every single day and do the boring ass mundane fucking work that needs to be done.

Period, full stop, that’s it. 

Once you truly understand this and internalize it as the foundation for all of the tools, all of the applications, all of the other stuff that goes into helping you do the work once you truly understand what lies below it all you can begin to take action on disciplining yourself. It’s at this point you’ve abolished all the previous excuses that you used, stopped blaming your situation or anybody else and understood that you just haven’t put in the work.

Lately I’ve begun to truly understand this and what has resulted is a tremendous amount of progress on this painting.It’s had a profound effect on the way I lead my life, on exercise and eating, on my relationship, with everything in my life. Too often, I felt like I needed a plan that I needed to have all this stuff going right and everything lined up and the perfect paints are the perfect studio or the perfect place or the perfect relationship or just enough time or whatever. But it always comes back down to is getting started, and doing the hard fucking work. 

If you’re reading this and you’re saying it’s bullshit, you’re right. It’s not for you.

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