4144: Empowered Day 24

With this painting, the one thing that I want to try and accomplish above, all else is to communicate this idea of empowerment. That we all have the ability to become great. Throughout all of the mediums and art that artists have used to communicate, motion realism may not be the best vehicle for communication. I could see maybe performance or abstract expressionism communicating this idea a bit better but I am an oil painter and I’m up to the challenge to try and get across this narrative. So one of the most important visual aspects of this painting is the initial impact of it. Mini modern and contemporary artists have works of art that are so visually esoteric that 99% of the public has no entry into it, but I feel in order to first communicate. Something conversation needs to begin or the viewer has to want to enter into the conversation first. So I’m using colors and visuals that I feel can have that initial impact, the initial wow factor and then hopefully the person that is influenced or feeling something is inspired to ask more and to want to interact not only with the visual aspect of the painting but also the purpose behind it. Those very visual effects that I want to create are depth through photographic nuance, specifically depth of field. So today I worked on a couple places in the painting where parts of these tendrils of fire are coming so close to the viewer that they lose focus just like they would in a camera. I hope that this creates some visual effect of the distance of action of something flying out of the painting at you. I want this to be impactful. I want people to say wow that is cool and then ask how did you do it and why did you do it?

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