4140: Empowered Day 20

Back at it. Because I finished the commission and the monthly challenge painting from the creators meeting this week the next peek in my sights is the Empowered painting. I started at the session today, reviewing the imagery and how far I’ve come on the painting and try to remind myself, the purpose in which I am actually painting this and get back in touch with that energy in someway and honestly the only way to really do that was just to get back into it just to pick up the paintbrush and all my paints and just start doing it. It wasn’t after getting into the painting that the energy that I instilled already in this painting began to resurface again and remembering why became clear.

I also felt that the best way to get back in touch with this painting was not to focus on the background, even though I do need to work on it some more, but to focus on the portrait of the woman to focus on really telling that story her face And to make sure that that is as authentic as possible. 

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