4139: Drawing Training

Normally, every time I go to the fence on Sundays to show my work, I bring my easel and my paints and a canvas along so I can paint while I’m there. The trouble with doing that in such a public place is that it’s really difficult to concentrate, especially when you’re trying to show your work and talk to possible customers And converse with other artists. So I did something different today and it was a lot of fun. Instead of bringing my paints I just brought a simple sketchbook and a ballpoint pen.

While on my weekly walk to Starbucks to get beverages for several people on the fence, I took some photos of people doing normal things on the beach and Waikiki. Then when I got back to my place on the fence, I began sketching from those photos and it was a ton of fun and I really enjoyed a lot of the sketches that came out of it.

This may be a new practice for the fence. I don’t have to carry all kinds of stuff, it doesn’t need a ton of focus so I can talk with anyone while sketching and it’s a lot of fun.

Session Details