4137: Ouroboros Day 8

Trying to decide when a painting is actually finished is difficult when you’re not doing something that is super photo realistic. Because if you were trying to copy the photo in the highest detail, then the completion is easy. You already know how far you need to go. But that’s not fun, at least not for me. I want to represent some in a representational manner, but I don’t feel like I need to describe everything in super detail. So how I decide when a painting is complete is if I don’t see any big issues with the painting and it says what I want to say. 

Ouroboros Is a painting that tries to border on the abstract so I decided today that it is complete. It is saying everything I want to say and I don’t need to describe it in more detail. I could work on this painting for hours longer putting in more and more detail, but I don’t feel it would enhance the message any further so I’m calling it complete.

It was such a busy day today that I didn’t get to the portrait painting until much later in the day actually, it was past my shutdown time, but I did it anyways to practice self-discipline and to make sure that I got in what I promising myself right now regardless and also because tomorrow is the weekend and I can make up my sleep tomorrow.

A bit of improvement on the painting today because I drew it out first so that drawing was a lot closer to the photo but still not close enough. And it took me an hour and a half to get this far. It’s going to take me hundreds of heads to get to a place where I wanna be. Also I have to be intelligent about it. I can’t just sit here and start painting a bunch of heads. The most intelligent thing that I can do is to make these notes and to write down the major improvements that I need to make.

One of the things about doing something for the first time or the first few times is that you will make very large mistakes. And those mistakes will be very clear hopefully. Why is that good? Because that’s where the most growth happens. Anything that you start out doing and getting better at the leaps in skill happening at the beginning because you’re figuring out the bigger broad ideas and as long as you make those mistakes and don’t repeat them as long as you write down the mistake that you made and to change something so you get better you can improve quickly when you’re at 100 and something, at least I’m guessing because I haven’t done that many yet, that all the notes will be super nuanced and very difficult to understand what the problem is.

So at the beginning, you make big mistakes that are easy to see and possibly easier to fix. Later in the game when you get to the upper echelon of skill to get a little bit better very minute changes. 

But all that could be bullshit. I’ll let you know when I get past 100 or so heads.

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