4136: Ouroboros Day 7

I continue to build up the complexity and sensitivity in this painting. For the most part, I’m covering up the figure with plans of redrawing most of it and putting it in last. I still want to keep the majority of this painting abstract, and even though there will be a figure here, I don’t want it to be initially discernible. 

The second painting that I worked on today was the beginning of an experiment. It was a very humbling beginning of an experiment. The idea here is to begin honing my drawing skills through painting. Where I want to start is with the head and then begin adding on parts of the body, such as head and neck and then head neck and shoulders and so on. Until I eventually reach the entire body and one painting. The challenge, though, is to be able to complete each painting quickly, very quickly.

But the humbling experience of this portrait painting was how much my drawing has suffered. At least when I’m going fast, my initial idea was to work on the drawing with graphite first and then begin painting over it. I did this on the last few portrait, painting classes I took and it worked really well. But I was thinking it was going to slow me down. Unfortunately, what I forgot is that speed is not made up of how quick you move your arm but accurately you put the paint down. You can get a painting many times faster if every stroke you put down is the correct stroke first. 

I’m going to try and continue this every day with a new head, but I think tomorrow I’m going to start with graphite and take my time getting the drawing correct.

As I was painting this, I was thinking about all of the top artists out there and the one thing that they all have in common is amazing draftsman skills.

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