4135: Ouroboros Day 6

Once again, I sat down in front of this painting, and I didn’t like what I was seeing. I determined that all of the mark making lacked sensitivity. The previous session where I did a lot of glazing over the very harsh brushstrokes helped out a lot, but still there needs to be a more sensitive approach to all the marks and the rest of the painting.

There was no way around it. I needed to zoom in on an area and spend the time on it needs. Through this I was able to put some parts into the painting around the top that I think can improve the painting entirely once I do the same overall.

It’s not that it’s detailed although many will say that it is detailed and yes, I’m pulling out a smaller brush. It’s more I’m thinking about texture lines and edges and a smaller format. Basically, I think I just described detail… sigh… yes it’s more detailed.

But I think the important thing to notice here at least for myself is the sensitivity at which you can approach anything what I mean by sensitivity is noticing the subtle differences between one Mark and the next mark is very linear and maybe one side of it is blurred a bit more than the other side How the marks tend to flow throughout the painting Mark would need a small brush. Mark would need a larger brush or would need a spade bristle brush. Keep the edges really soft.

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