4134: Bynum Wedding Portrait Day 20

I’m super excited to call this painting finished!! But there is a very good chance that the wonderful couple that I’m painting has some changes to this painting and that’s totally cool. I am 100% willing to make changes so they are super happy with it and want to live with it for the rest of their life .

During today’s session, I finished up the wedding dress and the bouquet, and probably the biggest thing that I added, that was very small that to me made a huge change to the painting and really put them in the scene was the little bit of grass over the bottom of his pant legs and over the bottom of her dress, it really grounded the couple into the scene so they stand out as definitely in the foreground and the background has tremendous distance to it so you got the space but that little bit of grass really put them in the space rather than make them look like stickers on top of a landscape so I’m very happy with that

Personal stuff

This week is going to be a lot of physical challenges. Not only did I plan for a challenge with my exercise at Orangetheory, but Pattie has challenged me to do extra things with her on her weekend so I’m also very excited about pushing myself further physically and finding a new level.

As far as painting is concerned, the next painting to finish is going to Ouroboros. I have it on my life alignment plan to finish a painting every month for the rest of the year and not only that this painting is part of a monthly challenge from my creators group that I meet with every Sunday. So that is the painting that will go on the easel.Next

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