4133: Bynum Wedding Portrait Day 19

This painting is coming along beautifully after today’s session and finally getting to a point where I’m really happy with the bride’s dress. I feel amazing about this painting. I still have just a little bit to go. I need to finish some of the dress and then get deep into the bouquet that she is carrying but other than that this thing should be done within the next two or three days. 

Personal stuff

Extremely happy with my progress as of late. the ability to really push myself to heights that I…

I’m trying to say this in a very good way because I am doing this for my blog but honestly, I’m really having trouble with the words here. Basically I’m feeling great right now because I’m pushing myself harder than I’ve ever push myself in the past 11 years of art and I’m seeing, lots of change I’m doing things that I didn’t think I thought was possible for myself and that makes me feel really good and I want to continue pushing I wanna continue to find that edge of where I don’t think I can do it and then push beyond it. I wanna find my limits with time, physical exercise, mental acuity, learning memorization whatever it may be but I wanna keep pushing and keep pushing even just the past few days being able to get through so quickly and getting so much progress on it and and just to watch it unfold so fast has felt fantastic. Before I was having a lot of struggles with this painting, really taking too long to get things done. Now I feel like I’m getting where I can begin to really take off, but I also know that I’m still at the beginning. I’m still at the runway and the plane is just getting up to speed and I can’t wait to get in the air.

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