4132: The Gap Day 2

The rain in Hawaii is like the East Coast. Sometimes when it rains, it’s like a monsoon and it can come down and flood the streets in a few minutes. Then when it’s done, it takes about an hour or so for all the water to go away or less, and then everything’s wet. 

That doesn’t really work well when you want to show your work on a fence down by the zoo. It wasn’t raining today, but the fear of rain was there because of a monsoon yesterday so I and several other people decided not to show our work today.

Instead, I decided to come home and work on this painting here. I’m pushing myself on this painting because a lot of the previous paintings I’ve done I use a grid to make sure that I get all the drawing correct right off the bat, but for this painting, the preparatory drawing was free and the painting just the same.

I knew that I would end up with a lot of drawing errors because it’s been so long since I’ve done this but I need this type of training. I just go at it because I want this skill. I want the ability to sit down anywhere and be able to transfer what I see on the canvas Accurately. If you can do that if you can continually repeat what you see in an accurate way on the canvas and do it with confidence, then the ability to break away from that and be expressive comes out.  And that’s where I wanna be.

So this painting will dry, and then I will correct all my drawing errors with more paint over it. I’m interested in what it would look like if there’s multiple layers. There is something fantastic about paintings that have multiple layers and multiple sessions of work in them. They start to gain a life of their own in some way and hopefully the same can happen with this painting.

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