4130: Bynum Wedding Portrait Day 18

For the wedding painting today, I did some more changes to the coloration of the bride’s skin, but I didn’t touch the dress or the bouquet because it’s too wet and I don’t want the mixtures underneath that I put down to affect what I’m gonna be putting over. I’m going to wait for this painting to dry and most likely get back to it on Monday if not before. I also did the hands today because those weren’t put in yet and I’m extremely happy with how those turned out. It’s always wonderful to work on something and just to feel like the brushstrokes you put down were effortless and just go down easily and correct the first time. That’s always a good feeling.

To try and fill up the rest of the art time for today because I am pushing myself to do two hours every single day I switched over to working on Ouraboros. But before I did, I sat back and analyzed the painting because I’m not happy with it. And I wanted to figure out why I wasn’t happy with it and what I needed to change.

What I came up with is that there is nothing but hard edges everywhere, and there is too much white mixed into all the colors. So I need to soften all the edges of the dry paint and use the most saturated color I can. The only, or maybe the best solution, I could think of was glazing. Because with glazing you have to use Colors that are transparent and right out of the tube and you don’t want to use a lot of white because it turns into a kind of faded chalky color. Not only would that brighten up the entire painting and remove all of the white that I put in, but the glaze would also soften the majority of hard edges through the painting.

It’s getting closer now and I think it looks a lot better but just like the wedding commission I think this needs to dry for several days so I can go back with more glazing.

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