4128: Bynum Wedding Portrait Day 16

This painting is moving forward really fast now and I’m super happy with the progress that I’ve made over the past three days. I really really love how I’ve planned the background out so that the couple stand out from it like a beacon. I did this by utilizing all of the aspects of painting. I made sure that the edges on the background were going to be a lot softer than the couple. I made sure that the value never got anywhere close to how dark or light the couple would be and I made sure that nothing in the background, but the sky had the same intensity of color as the couple, and it has all worked out fantasticLy.

Personal stuff

The past three days I’ve been working on this painting for more than two hours at a time with a small break in between

What I’ve observed is that right around the hour and a half mark, maybe the hour and 45 minute mark, I don’t know where to go next. Paintings are a series of problems and organization of visual things. To give an example, you paint something and you see that the drawing is wrong. Maybe the color is wrong.

Maybe the value is wrong but you’re not completely sure you just know that something is off. It’s a problem that you need to solve. And after I’ve been painting for around that time frame, it becomes harder and harder to find those solutions. Finding solutions may always use the same process, but I find that my brain has trouble enacting those processes.

I do want to increase my time painting every day and if I’m limited or my focus is limited to this timeframe, I need to make a change so that I can move beyond it. It could be that I take a longer break at a certain point, or multiple breaks within the session, or just continually increase my time so that my brain and body gets used to the longer strain. I’ll figure it out.

Session Details