4123: Bynum Wedding Portrait Day 12

Today was the beginning of a new plan. A new plan to do whatever I need to get my motivation and drive as high as possible.

This morning consisted of light therapy, exercise by riding my bike, breakfast and a cold shower.
This is all in the effort to raise my baseline dopamine levels. And it comes after hours of research yesterday and the employment of a GPT that I trained.

With 10 of the best books on motivation and drive plus some of the best neuroscience on dopamine and this digital powerhouse I was able to find out the top actions that I should take as well as the top actions to avoid.

Why am I doing all this? Because I want to achieve something in my life, something grand, something amazing! I don’t have time to wait for things to work themselves out. If something isn’t going the way it needs to so that I can shine then I’ll do everything that I can to turn it around.

For my art time today, I started with the wedding commission and I continued working on the background. After making some progress there, I moved to Ouroboros so that I could keep things novel during my art time and easily increase the time I spend painting without drawing on a lot of willpower at the moment.

This seems to work really well. I spent more time on art and I don’t have to push way outside my comfort zone in regards to motivation at the moment. If all of the practices that I’m putting in place bring my motivation back then I can get back to focusing on one painting during the whole session and increasing that painting time.

Session Details