4116: Bynum Wedding Portrait Day 8

Back to the wedding commission today and I had a lot of fun trying to figure out the texture on the grass, which is really interesting. Once you look at it closely. Grass has a grass like shape when it’s really close. It has individual blades that you can see but as it moves back into the distance, it just turns into Horizontal shapes and eventually just very lightly textured rolling hills.

Basically it’s all about trying to figure out at what point do I transition from the blades of grass getting smaller and smaller and begin to do textured strokes.

To add more complexity to this, there is a lot of variation within the color of the grass as well. But one thing I know that works really well with grass, especially when it’s close, is that you want to put the darker values down and then the lighter values over it. Darker values represent the shadows within the grass and underneath it, and with that layer down, you can easily come back with lighter strokes.

But I think even more important than all the texture is that color variation. The color all the way from yellow, orange and white into the greens and then into some dark cerulean blues.

If you look at anything long enough, it gets pretty interesting.

After working on the wedding commission, I felt a need to get more work done on the Empowered painting. I didn’t want to wait too long on that and lose the thread of emotion that I began with. So just a small bit of work on this painting to refresh that feeling and those ideas.

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