4114: Bynum Wedding Portrait Day 7

I made a lot of progress on the wedding painting today even though I’m taking my time. The subtle color changes in the background of this painting is so interesting. At first when you look at it, it looks really green and very light. But the more I test my colors and do matching as best as I can. I found that the background is mostly grays which is fantastic!

As I was painting, I was thinking about how gray is such an enabling color. The reason why I paint on a gray panel is because it gets out of the way of every other color. It lets every other color shine. But at the same time, it has its own subtle beauty. There are so many different subtle changes in these grays.

A slight tweak of the value and color of the mountains. In this background I can describe the form that I need while I’m making every other color in the painting look vibrant.

It may be that mastering gray is the key to being a masterful colorist.

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