4113: Bynum Wedding Portrait Day 6

I’m happy to say that I’m finished with the preparatory drawing for this painting and I’ve begun actually applying paint to the surface. I decided to work from background to foreground so that I can establish the very soft gradation of light and color in the Hawaiian mountains before I work on the couple in the foreground. Normally I would work both the foreground and the background up together, but when a background has such subtle gradations to it, I think it’s a lot better to have a background done first. The reason for this is that it’s very hard to spot-fix an area of subtle transition if I mess up something within the foreground..

I’ll continue the paint on it and continue to refine it over the next week or so.

“The people who choose to do art are many times the most vulnerable…”

“The sensitivity that allows them to make art is the same vulnerability that makes them tender to being judged. Still many continue to share their work and risk criticism in spite of this, it’s as if they have no other choice, being an artist is who they are and they are made whole through self expression.”

A quote from Rick Rubin in his book, The Creative Act.

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