4111: Don’t Bother Day 1

Today was tremendously challenging and stressful. Partly my fault because yesterday I had an amazing time at Orangetheory with a very difficult workout event. But I went too hard and I’m really paying for it today with a terrible migraine. But I still went to the fence and I still showed my work and I still got my art done, but the challenges continued with having to deal with a stressful situation. By the end of the day I was done and I had to spend a lot time in bed recuperating.

In the end, I started a new painting which I’m excited to work on. It’s a smaller painting and it’s the beginning of a smaller series of works that I will be doing in between larger paintings and commissions in the effort to not waste any more brush strokes.

In the past, I’ve abandoned too many paintings due to lack of preparation and motivation for the subject matter, and I want to try and rectify that so that every painting I do in the future is meaningful and something I want to show and sell.

Hopefully, it goes well!

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