4107: Bynum Wedding Portrait Day 2

The panel looks amazing and it is the perfect surface for capturing such a beautiful moment for this couple. I spent the majority of my art time today, finishing up the panel by sanding it down and putting several coats of gesso over it, then painting the edges. Then I gridded out the canvas to get a closer transfer of the drawing from the photo and started drawing.

While I’m drawing, there’s several things that I notice about the photo that I need to make sure that I capture. Number one is the light. The warm tones that light up the left side of the mountains are extremely important as well as the fade of light throughout the rest of the mountain to push it back in the distance.

As I look at the sky, I think I might add something a little bit more dynamic in the sky, maybe more indication of clouds. Also, I want to change up the pose of the groom slightly. I can tell that the photographer asked for a particular pose for this picture, which is a fantastic picture, but the pose of the groom is just a bit stiff. I want to make him a little bit more dynamic so I may make some changes there. I’m definitely going to play up the contrast within the couple as well. Both of them have light from a setting sun hitting their right side, but it needs to be a little bit more apparent. I really love how the warm tones of the bride’s dress fade into these really cool blue tones. It reflects the sky very well.

To make sure that they are the focal point of this painting I’m not gonna get too detailed with all background elements. All of the information will be there, but it’s going to be a little bit more expressive and all of the sharp contours will be around the couple to make sure that they are the first thing that a viewer focuses on.

All in all, I think it’s a wonderful start to this painting, and I am very excited to not only reproduce this wonderful photo in paint but try to improve upon it.

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