4103: Zoo Fence Portrait

Years ago and several years into my daily art practice, I was a staunch supporter of completely removing feeling from getting to work.

Many artists would say that they need to wait for the Muse in order to actually get started. To an extent, I still disagree with the idea that you need to wait for motivation or inspiration to strike before you do anything because that could lead to months or even years of not doing anything. It happened to me.
But I’m beginning to see the need for a deeper emotional connection with the subject matter before beginning a piece.

Today was a great example of that. As I’m showing on the Zoo fence I don’t have the concentration and focus. I can’t work on a significant painting, but I still want to get my art in so I do something smaller and less significant and yes, with less emotional connection.

You could connect art like this with building skill and any project that you take on that doesn’t have any broader purpose other than doing the work. And that instance it has a purpose, the purpose is the Doing.
Today’s work, which is a drawing of a portrait that I think I’ll begin to paint tomorrow, is just that, skill building, doing it for no particular reason other than the act of doing.

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