4100: Empowered Day 16

Getting lost in the flames is enjoyable.

Fire is such an organic thing that as long as you get some of the shapes right, it can do anything. It’s like sharp water.

I’m treating each small section of fire as a story of movement. As I look at small pieces of the block-in, and transform them into rolls or tentacles of fire, I make up little stories for each one.

The stories aren’t narrative. Of course the stories are about motion, about how they move in three-dimensional space. About how they can curve toward the viewer or away. Or it could swoop in a circle or simply move left or right, or it gets caught up into a bigger tendril.

There are so many stories in these little bits and pieces of flame that it becomes challenging in practical terms. Some of the paint is still wet where a wave of fire needs to fly over it so maybe I need to wait a few days for the paint to dry before I put that little small tendril in there.

The main goal right now for this painting is to get the fire done. At least the part of the fire that is directly in the center of the focal point. And I’m not talking about focal point as in composition. I’m talking about focal point as it applies in photography terms. This focal point is placed not on the X or Y axis (left and right), but on the Z axis (forward and back). It determines the central space within the painting where objects are of highest focus. I want to get this area done so that I can focus on painting elements above and behind.

Essentially, after it’s dry I will be focusing on the unfocused…

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