4099: Empowered Day 15

As I’m painting this empowered woman and what seems to be a fire of rage and transformation. I’m continually thinking about what it means. Concepts are not static. You can come up with a concept for a painting and begin it with that singular concept in mind but at least for me as I continue to work on it that concept grows and morphs sometimes into something completely different sometimes it gets abandoned and then other times it becomes deeper and more complex it grows into something more meaningful.

When we paint our brains are still working, not just on the painting, but on all different types of things. Concepts become deeper as I think about women in past generations that were fed up with the way they were treated.

Seems to me a bigger connection between this fire and cloth is something like the shedding of current trends or injustices. It reminds me of in the 70s when women began to burn their bras.

It reminds me about the 90s women had to take photos of the clothes that they wore to a corporate job because men claim that the reason that they were sexually assaulted was because of the clothes they wore. Bullshit!

I’ve been thinking about how pissed off I would be. I’m thinking about how pissed off this person is as I paint her.

Fire of rage indeed!

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