4098: Empowered Day 14

Our best work is done during the flow state and I believe the only way to reach a flow state is when several things align. First and foremost, you need to know who you are and what you’re doing is an Integral part of yourself. I normally call this alignment or self alignment.

This is where we begin and end.

The second thing needed to achieve a flow state is an environment conducive to the state. Not only is the environment specific to each individual but it’s also specific to the task at hand. Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, you may need a quiet room or a noisy room. You may need lots of light or as little light as possible you may need the room to be really hot or really cold. You may need the music to be fast or slow, you may need to wear different clothing, use different canvas. Choose a certain part of the day.

All of this goes into your environment and every single bit of it contributes to what you do and how you will do it.

These first two are what sets up the third, and most important, component of flow, in my opinion, and that’s focus. Focus is such a scarce commodity today. We are constantly bombarded with information and constantly connected to everything through our stupid cell phones. If you want to have a superpower in today’s world, train your focus.

I was able to reach a flow state today and yesterday because I am dogged in my stubbornness and ridiculously unwavering need for my environment to be a certain way. I feel like in order to achieve unreasonable results. You have to be unreasonable. If you want to do something that’s great and beyond what people are doing right now we have to be willing to be misunderstood and even hated.

If we want to reach the state that allows us to create our best work ever, we need to be unreasonable and meticulous about everything around us.

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