4097: Empowered Day 13

Feeling like Superman today, I jumped right into the Empowered painting after the creators meeting this morning. The images that I took of string and ribbon yesterday really helped to get me a deeper understanding of how blurring and photography works. And I’m using this to get a sense of distance within the painting if something is super close, it becomes blurry if something is super far away, it becomes blurry because the focal point is in the middle.

What really helped was I went to the store and put Purchased some cheap make up brushes. Those super light and feathery brushes that people use to put on like blush on their cheeks or something. These were super helpful in blurring out the paint and a super soft way. Much better than any other brush that I have that I bought from the art store.

I might think about using these brushes and multiple ways in my paintings. Maybe they would be really good for smoothing out the paint that I put down so that there’s less glare. I’m not sure but I’m happy to add a new very cheap tool to my arsenal

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