4094: Mother Nature Large Day 5

Yeah, another frustrating day. Period. I don’t want to go too much into it because I don’t want this journal entry to be basically a rant. What it boils down to you is I have several projects that are progressing very slowly because they are challenging me in multiple ways and the fact that they are going so slow is what is frustrating.

I have to constantly remind myself that this is difficult for me that I don’t know how to do the fabric the way I want it within this painting and I don’t know how to build the plug-in on my website the way I want it making progress. Every single day I work at least an hour and a half on business stuff and an hour and a half on art stuff. And that really counts for something and I know from the past, and if you look at the thousands of posts on this website, you’ll see what all of this can compound into daily progress can turn into a lifetime of amazing work. I just need patience.

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