4092: Mother Nature Large Day 3

Frustration is the name of the game sometimes. Today was one of those days. The interesting thing about frustration and maybe not having a bad day is that I can normally sit quietly and give it some thought of why I’m frustrated and come up with some logical reasons , for what happened during the day to frustrate me. After I do this, I can normally feel better about it and put some practices in place to avoid the frustration next time.

Today’s example was frustration during and after the design phase on my mother nature painting. I have a vision for this in my mind and that includes address made out of elements like water. That does not exist, and I’m not great at making up things out of my head and I can’t find imagery of it, so that equals frustration.

Also, another cause of my frustration today was that I had a list of things to do today, I set of priorities to complete distraction ruled my day and I didn’t get most of what I had planned done. That also compounded the frustration.

This leads me to put some things in place. Number one understand my limitations as far as is concerned and give myself extra time and patience with what I don’t know. Number two, once I plan my day stick to the plan if anything threatens to distract me from the plan all I have to do is make a note and say to myself do it in the time that I plan it. If you’re reading this, hopefully that helps you as well.

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