4089: Empowered Day 9

It’s wonderful to see the gray of the gesso on the panel to be covered up quickly. that’s the focus of this painting right now is to block in all the areas of the painting first and then let it dry. After that, I’ll come back with nothing, but finishing strokes that have a combination of opaque and transparent liners..

I like working this way because I can build within the painting. the paint itself actually. And I have a base of the painting where all the color and value is pretty darn close and every stroke after that is just small adjustments. With the layers I’m not thinking as much about drawing or composition. I’m thinking mostly about value, color and edges.

Now all I have left to do is block in the main colors for the dress and then let it dry for about a week. This will give me some time to start on my next painting, which is also going to be large and I’m super excited about that idea as well.

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