4088: Empowered Day 8

The beginning of my painting session today was spent on the Internet looking up different types of dresses that are made out of plants. I’m trying to collect some references so I can get more detailed with the top and bottom of the dress for the empowered painting. When I was working smaller, just little Dobbs of paint with work well they didn’t have to be anything specific, but with the larger painting if I want this to look like a dress that is made up of plants, I need to actually paint some leaves and things like that vines  and add some more interest into it because I have a lot more room and a lot more space for detail.

The rest of the painting session was spent adding in some of the figurative areas and then, as I’m going down with the figure, adding in more of the background. For me, they need to both be added in at the same time not only so I can get the overlapping of four ground background correct? But I also want to constantly be thinking about the comparison of the figure and color with the background color. There needs to be a separation between the two and not too much blending. Want to figure it definitely feel like there in front of the background. Of course right now the background and the figure had some blending together because you don’t want to paint right up to the edge of the figure you always want to blend a little bit into the figure or else it would look, like there is a halo around the entire figure.

Session Details