4087: Empowered Day 7

Today I spent about two hours trying to get the best pictures I can of my Rage painting before I mail it out . One of the most difficult things about oil painting is trying to get good pictures of them without any glare and because I paint with a lot of contrast. Meaning, a lot of dark areas in the painting I get a lot of glare. 

What I end up doing, is taking a picture of the painting from an angle. I position the camera above the painting and closer to the light until the glare goes away. Then I have to fix the perspective of the painting and light room. This works out well for the glare, but it also causes some issues with blur for the edges of the painting that are furthest away from the camera.

The only other way to take photos of dark paintings without glare is using a dual polarization system. That’s a bit expensive right now, so I’ll be using the angle approach.

After spending all that time on taking photos of her age, I spent close to two hours on my empowered painting, getting deep into the zone with the background and getting all that set up for finishing layers later on. It’s a whole different painting at this size and so much more fun to work with. 

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