4085: Empowered Day 5

I glued Rage to the panel that I created and it it is a bit nerve-racking because I have to put all these books on top of it and then only after the glue has dried can I see if there’s any bubbles in the pan I tried to move it out as much as I could  but the ultimate result comes later so I’m very anxious about it

I hope it turns out well and I don’t have to do it over because that would be a disaster

On a good note, I finished the drawing for the empowered painting, the larger one, and I started painting today, and I got into the flow and I remembered while I love painting so much and I tapped into that part of myself that is completely me. I can’t explain it, but it doesn’t look like anything else that you normally see. It’s a bit crazy. It’s a bit out there but it is me.

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