4083: Dystopian Paradise

Even though I didn’t have a lot of sleep, which was my fault for staying up too late, today was a wonderful day. 

It started out wonderfully because our creators group on discord came up with an amazing idea. we decided to begin a project together. And this project will be a website to coordinate a community around monthly, artistic challenges. Which is a very simple description of something that could be much more complex and impactful to a huge artistic community. Everyone on the call was super excited about it and I am going to be putting some tasks in place to get started as well.

The rest of the day I was at the Zoo fence in Honolulu showing my work. This was the first day that I showed my empowered study painting and it got wonderful reviews. I didn’t sell anything today but I did make a couple of great connections. One especially with an artist named Ernie that is going to be coming back by next Sunday so we can talk more about art which I love.

One thing that I’m beginning to understand deeply the more I am exposed to the possibility of selling my work is the fact that connections are vastly more important than actually selling the work because connections could have lifelong benefits, and Infinite returns overtime.

Besides, when I go to the zoo to show my work, I have no control over if someone is going to buy it. Can try and influence a sale as much as possible but ultimately, the decision on the purchase is up to the buyer. But the one thing I do have control over is trying to make good connections, with the artist that are showing their work and potential buyers that come by. And if I go into the situation, focusing on what I have control over and looking at the sale of a work as an extra benefit, every single day I go, there is a positive day.

Lastly, the painting I worked on today was vastly different than how good my day went because I was a bit sleep deprived and when that happens my mind is in a negative space. So I painted a dystopian look at Honolulu. This painting was influenced by another amazing artist here. 

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