4082: Empowered Day 3

As I was getting ready to glue Rage to the panel, I created, I realized that the canvas I painted Rage on was much smaller than I anticipated. I was prepared to augment the painting with additions on two sides of about 1 inch but because the canvas was even smaller, I would have to repaint all four sides , about an inch or so. That’s just too much change to the painting and I fear that it wouldn’t look right.

So I decided to use the second panel that I was getting ready to make and lower its size down to exactly what the Rage painting is which is 22 1/2” x 34 1/2”. This way I can glue the painting directly to the panel without worrying about any extra painting on it and it should look really good.

But that’s not all I did today. I got going on this new smaller panel by building it because I have all the supplies for it. I also primed for 18 x 36 panels that I got in from Amazon and I began drawing on the larger painting for empowered which now that I can see the initial drawing for the woman in empowered. I am super excited this huge panel at 24 x 48 is going to be impactful to whomever sees it, and that’s what I want. I want it to be powerful just like the woman in the painting.

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