4081: Empowered Day 2

The panels so far are a huge success. They are sturdy, they do not warp after being primed, and they are fairly smooth without much sanding. But I want to get the panels a bit smoother because I paint very thin, and if there is any texture on the panel, it will show through in the painting. Most of the time, a slight canvas texture to an oil painting is not bad, but when you’re trying to express three-dimensional, and a painting slight texture can break the illusion.

What I’m doing to remove as much texture in the panel as possible is scraping the Gesso across the surface with a ruler. This should get Gesso into those very small cracks Without adding much to the non-crack areas. if I just put Gesso on top of the panel, then the tiny concave areas in the texture will raise just as much as the convex areas resulting in the same cracks.

After a few coats of that plus sanding I hope it will work. I will let you know tomorrow.

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