4079: Making Panels

Measure twice and cut once. 

That was my motto for today’s art/creative time. The original plan this morning was to begin work on a smaller painting, but after an hour of looking at imagery and thinking about emotions, I couldn’t come up with any spark of inspiration for one of the smaller paintings .

I decided that the only course of action was to begin building the panels for all the larger paintings that I have planned right now. Yesterday I went to the hardware store and spent about 2 1/2 hours there getting all the materials together and pricing things up And today for the first time I began building my very first panel and it’s going really well.

You may ask why am I building these panels when I can just go out and buy one. Well, the reason why is because in Hawaii the cost of a 24 x 36 wooden panel is about $175. That’s way out of my budget for a painting. 

But after going to the hardware store and purchasing a circular saw, glue, clamps, and the wood I would need for several panels I spent about $140. 

With all this I’ll be able to make one 24 x 36 panel and one 24 x 48 panel. plus I’ll be able to have most of the materials for two other panels. After doing a bit of math on all that I spent just for the materials a 24 x 36 panel is going to cost me about $15 in materials. Now I’m not sure about how much time it’s going to take probably two hours but even if I add my time into the $15 cost of materials, I will be saving a boatload of money on these panels..

The most important part for me is that I’m empowering myself to take charge of getting these panels made instead of waiting on someone to ship it to me or if it’s in stock or if it’s the right price etc.. also, I’m learning something new and the more I make the better and faster. I will get at it and I’ll be able to make the panels that I want at any size that I want. I can make a panel size that matches the artwork rather than matching my artwork to the panel size that the store has. Yes it’s gonna take some extra effort and money but I think in the long run it’s well worth it.

Once I get a couple panels done and I have a painting or two on them I’ll review how well the construction is.

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