4078: Surf Day 2

As I’m painting, I’m always thinking. 

Honestly, I think while I paint my brain is going a bit too much. I would love for my painting sessions to be this perfect flow state, where I do nothing but react to my reference and put down what I see as if it was Instinctual. But, I think about how people react to this painting. I think about, if this painting is something I should be doing I think about if this painting is authentic enough am I too influenced by my reference.

Basically, a lot of the thinking that I do tends to be derived from imposter syndrome. And I don’t think I’m the only artist that does this. At least I hope I’m not. Every artist is worried at some point about negative responses for there artwork. Or even worse, no responses at all. Clear indication that no one likes it and they are not willing to tell you to your face that they don’t like it so how do we come back something like this? How do we calm our mind so that we can reach the flow with the pain and not worry about what happens afterwards. 

What I like to do, is two things. I like to think of myself as having two jobs. The first job is to make the art to be fully immersed into the creation process and to worry about nothing, but making it as best as I can. And after I’m done, then I can put on a different hat, my critical hat and pass judgment not only on the painting, but also on its involvement in my work as a whole.

The second thing I do is involved within the very beginning of the process. The idea creation I have lately spent a lot more time on the idea before I even put brush to canvas and developing the idea as much as possible so that my heart and my motivation is deep within the idea. I found that the more excited I am about a painting, the more I don’t really need to worry about whether or not it’s authentic. My excitement tells me that. And when I’m excited enough when I’m really fired up about a painting, it’s easier for me to not care what people think about it afterwards. I love it and I feel that every brushstroke within it is worth everything about it and I don’t need external reassurance

Anyway, I hope I can help you. Maybe you can see me as another individual that thinks the same things you do and maybe you can use something of what I talked about to help you get into the flow state.

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